What Is Video Advertising, Exactly?

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What Is Video Advertising, Exactly?

Video advertising, as the name implies, comprises of adverts that show prior to, during, or following streaming content. The term “video advertising” is, however, widened by some marketing professionals to encompass display ads with video content, social network video ads, and native video ads offered on websites like news websites, entertainment websites, or e-commerce websites. As you read on, keep in mind that we’ll be using the broad definition.

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The Present Situation of Video Advertising

The method of recruiting clients known as “video marketing” is consistently popular. Customers actually say they would want to see more video content from the businesses and brands they use to make purchases, with 54% of consumers agreeing. But there is also an opposite. According to results of another survey, 67% of respondents thought sound-added video was the most annoying type of advertisement. The fact that 89% of marketers assert that their video advertisements have a significant return on investment suggests that they consistently deliver top-notch outcomes.

These statistics, both the good and bad ones, show that marketers need to be very careful when creating video advertisements so that the target audience finds them to be truly relevant and helpful. The placement of a video ad is crucial because the goal is to make all advertising content as unobtrusive as possible. If an advertising appears during a natural break in the programming, such as shortly before a presenter introduces a new topic, viewers may be more likely to pay attention.

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More advertisers are using advanced video advertising platforms like Indidigital  to strike this delicate balance while increasing viewer engagement. For instance, We uses short form video animation to attract viewers and compel them to make a purchase.

1. Digital Video Advertising Trends

Digital video is a dynamic industry. Experienced marketers are aware that they must keep up with new developments if they are to understand what audiences want and need. These days, video advertising can range from a few seconds to as long as two to five minutes for larger B2B videos, especially with the rise of TikTok and bite-sized “micro content” videos. The goal of the video ad should be kept in mind when creating a script or storyboard because it will have a big impact on your choice.

2. Mobile is preferred by audiences

Around the world, especially in the B2C sector, the majority of brand interactions and experiences are moving from the web to mobile. According to a survey, 62% of respondents preferred using a tablet or other mobile device to view information. This is in line with the widespread expectation that, in the future years, mobile video advertisements would eventually make up the vast majority of web video.

3. Video is becoming more and more important in marketing and sales.

The State of Video 2022 research demonstrates how important video is to advertisers. Video content is more important than ever, say 82 percent of sales and marketing specialists. As a result, they are producing more video material than ever before. In reality, 47% say they’ve produced more than 51 videos in the last 12 months.

4. More companies are producing original video content.

Particularly for small and medium-sized businesses, who might not want to invest money on pricey video production. A whopping 58% of small firms say they produce most or all of their video content in-house.

many types of video commercials

One reason why marketers are willing to try video advertising is the large range of video types and formats they can choose from.

stream of commercials

These are visible before, during, or after the video content. For illustration, YouTube makes advantage of in-stream marketing. Interactive advertising tempt viewers to click a link or take advantage of an offer.

Nonlinear commercials

Non-linear adverts can also be displayed outside or as an overlay over the main video. If viewers click on one of these advertisements, the main video they are watching terminates. Non-linear advertisements don’t contain links to other resources. If you’d rather, you can decide not to view it.

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promotional advertisement

There are variations both within the in-stream and non-linear broad categories. A video game advertising is one option. The commercial that won is a video aimed at gamers. When someone watches a movie, they are rewarded with anything related to a game, such an extra life, better health, or a new tool.

a video commercial

The ability to engage potential customers with engaging ad experiences on the websites they visit most frequently is made possible by native advertising’s growing sophistication. Out of all the native video formats given by Indidigital ads, and more, 97% of poll respondents said they preferred Click-to-Watch.

Advantages of video ads

For marketers, video advertising has a lot of benefits.

Video is a captivating medium.

As viewers tune in, brand awareness grows. Depending on the circumstance and goal, the video marketing can be used for much more than just increasing awareness. By directing viewers to product websites or landing pages via CTA buttons, video ads can encourage online behaviours that lead to conversions.

Making video advertisements is simple.


Not any more, mostly because of the abundance of available, some even free, online video resources. Short internal video advertising that are promoted on social or native networks are an easy and affordable way to reach your target audience.

Ads for videos can be shared.

Most streaming services have sharing features, and people share videos they like. This is an effective strategy for increasing brand visibility, audience growth, and reach.

Videos are a great way to tell tales.

Try utilizing various background music, camera angles, and chat to captivate your viewers. Customer remember of what they see and, even better, your brand is thereby increased.

Videos efficiently and rapidly convey a great deal of information.

While a picture can say 1,000 words, a movie can say 100,000! By combining graphics, narration, music, and/or on-screen captions, videos can effectively express a variety of stories. In terms of content, a 10-second clip can be just as effective as a 10-minute product demo video.

Use of mobile video is widespread.

Adapt your video for viewing on mobile devices. That suggests that your marketing team should make sure the video plays without a hitch on mobile devices and looks excellent on small displays as a starting point. Think about the video’s orientation as well.

Techniques for Producing Video Ads

If the aforementioned changes in video advertising have made you decide to act, proceed with caution. Choose your top KPIs, and use them as a guide. Work with an expert video production company to make engaging advertising, or you might want to consider producing your own videos.

Nowadays, you don’t need to be a video producer or spend a lot of money to make outstanding movies. You can create videos with the use of the tools provided below. Consider the many video ad formats as well and pick the one that best fits your target demographic, distribution strategy, and message.

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