How to use Google Analytics to Track SEO Efforts

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How to use Google Analytics to Track SEO Efforts

For SEO and marketing purposes, Google Analytics is a free web service that offers extensive information and analytical tools. Analytics tracks website traffic and gathers information on how users interact with the site. Today we will talk about how to use Google Analytics to track SEO efforts. SEO, or search engine optimization, can be a potent website traffic generator. But how can you determine whether your SEO efforts are successful?

This service makes user demographics, behavior, and interaction data available, including pageviews, bounce rate, and average time on site. Additionally, analytics may differentiate between sponsored, direct, organic, and referral traffic, giving you insight into how users are arriving at your website.

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How to Use Google Analytics to Track SEO Efforts

Google analytics to track SEO efforts and user activity on a website, a short piece of JavaScript code used by Analytics must be added to each page of the website. The code activates when a visitor comes to the website and begins gathering information on how they navigate through the various pages. Some of this information, such as the URLs of the pages seen, is obtained directly from the website. The user’s browser also gathers additional information, such as the language that is selected for the browser.

The code gathers up-to-date data on a user’s behavior each time they access a new page on your website and sends it to Analytics servers for analysis. The processing of this data could take up to 24 hours. After organizing the data, Google will store it in a database, display it on the Google Analytics dashboard, and allow you to browse and interact with the data.

Why do you need Analytics?

All website owners need analytics since it makes it possible to regularly monitor the advancement of online goals. You can then decide on the essential actions as and when they are needed based on the facts presented.

Analytics not only tracks goals and outcomes, but it also offers data that can help you better understand your audience. As a result, you may modify the website to better serve the demands of the target market and encourage visitors to become loyal clients.

How can you use Google Analytics for SEO

You may start assessing your performance more precisely once you understand how to access data on your Google Analytics dashboard and get different metrics from the system. You’ll be able to gain additional insight from the data as you go further into it.

Follow these best practice when using google analytics to track SEO efforts

Determine your SEO objectives by thinking about the outcomes you want from your Social Media.
Make a list of the metrics you’ll need to monitor to evaluate the success of each SEO objective. This step will ensure that you are using Google Analytics.

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correctly and aren’t diverted by unimportant data.

Create personalized dashboards that quickly display the most important reports. The time it takes to check on crucial indicators can be decreased and made easier to do more frequently by customizing what you see in your statistics.

To see the keywords people are using to find your website, sync your Search Console account.

To identify changes relevant to your SEO efforts rather than from sponsored ads, separate organic traffic from paid traffic.

Choose your best-performing content and keep it updated and optimized over time.

To repeat elements that are successful for your audience, look at top-performing landing pages.


Making data-driven judgments and demonstrating the value of SEO are two of the major SEO problems. It requires more work than, say, search ads where you can quickly track and affect anything.

If you don’t consistently make modifications and improvements to your website and SEO, all of the time you spend reviewing Google Analytics is useless.

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