How negative reviews affect SEO rankings and how its impact your business

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How negative reviews affect SEO rankings and how its impact your business

Are you wondering how negative reviews affect SEO rankings? This post is completely for you, in this article we will talk about it.

Many company owners don’t consider the long-term effects of bad reviews until they start to appear. When they do, it’s critical to act quickly to stop them from later affecting your reputation and search engine optimization (SEO) rating. Customers have an easy way to openly voice their opinions on businesses on online review platforms. But it’s crucial to monitor what people are saying online about your company.

Let’s take a look at how to get rid of bad Google reviews, how negative reviews affect SEO rankings, and why they even occur in the first place.
What are Google Reviews

Let’s first define Google reviews and discuss why they are so important for brand reputation. To make it simple for people to find you online, Google has a built-in platform where you can build a Google Business Profile.

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Finding yourself online is only one aspect of the search process. People can rate and comment on your services on Google. These in-depth customer reviews might inform future clients about your company. You must be aware of both positive and bad feedback, though, as customers are able to leave either.

How do Negative reviews affect SEO rankings

Customer comments and ratings are valued by Google, therefore any reviews will have an effect on your SEO. It’s a good idea to have a proactive plan in place for timely and effective Google review responses. Any online reference of your company has the potential to change how consumers view your brand. You should keep an eye on your reviews and respond to any that might be hurting your search rankings or repelling potential customers.

Negative reviews have a significant impact on how customers see you and how well you do in searches. Google considers the information offered about your company in online reviews to be relevant, and bad reviews result in the search engine ranking your site lower in its results, which means less people will see your site.

For instance, Google will provide search results for reputable websites that offer the finest information search experience when someone searches for a company like yours. Google will select these selections based on a variety of criteria, primarily falling into three categories:




Here are some ways negative reviews affect SEO rankings-

1. Your customers may believe you are untrustworthy

Customers don’t only rely their opinions on what they read when it comes to online reviews. A review’s internet posting location also has an effect. Even unfavorable reviews might harm your SEO reputation management efforts and draw in poor-quality clients for your digital marketing agency. Customers are more inclined to think you run a wonderful company with high-quality goods and services if they read a lot of positive reviews.

However, if they only come across one or two unfavorable comments with dozens of positive ones, those same customers could be less inclined to trust your business. They might seek assistance elsewhere as a result of this, frequently without realizing that other businesses might not provide superior products or services than yours!

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2. You lose opportunities for new clients

Nowadays, before choosing a new service provider or business, everyone searches online. If your potential clients find negative reviews about you, they might never find out how fantastic your business could be. Instead of taking a chance on a stranger who has a negative reputation online, they might click to another page. It’s critical to keep an eye on what others are saying about you online so that you can respond to any unfavorable comments. Your SEO will greatly benefit by responding to unfavorable reviews since it will demonstrate to other web users that you are taking their problems seriously.

3. Customers are unlikely to buy from you again

Although it’s true that after reading a few favorable reviews, most people tend to forget a negative one, nobody wants to be connected with a company that receives bad ratings. Additionally, given the great demand for digital marketing agencies nowadays, a single negative review might easily turn away clients who don’t want to take a chance when looking for an agency to suit their needs. The good news is that by removing such unfavorable reviews, reputation management services like ours may assist you in repairing your reputation (and highlighting your positive ones).

4. Negative reviews will result in penalties from the search engines.

All of us experience negative reviews occasionally. In reality, it’s a pretty uncommon business that doesn’t experience them occasionally. An estimated 80% of customers will only promote a business or product if they can provide good feedback, whereas 20% will only post negative reviews (and you want to avoid these). Additionally, negative reviews will affect your SEO rankings no matter how hard you work on your SEO reputation management effort.

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5. Negative reviews affect your website’s ranking

Do you realize that bad online reviews can hurt your search engine ranking? In fact, even one negative review can significantly impact your SEO. People who have anything to gain or who want to harm a competitor’s business typically write low-quality content. SEO reputation management is crucial if you want online users to only find good things to say about your business. In the event that they don’t, they can forget about you or, worse still, decide not to contact you.


There are numerous tactics you can take in order to deal with a bad review, but some of them are ineffective. Avoid arguing with a reviewer in front of others; doing so will only hurt your company’s reputation. Use online reviews as a way to highlight your excellent qualities. You may do this by responding to negative reviews in private or by making a statement that promotes your company in the public eye. Just keep in mind that negativity is transient. If you respond well to a bad review, your reputation will eventually improve! You can contact us via website or our Social Media.

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