A trend on twitter is any hashtag available on any topic that gets very popular within a period of time but has you ever wondered over the fact on how these trends on twitter get started?

Do you know who or what chooses which tweet should appear in the Twitter trending list, and why others get left out? Also, do you ever think about twitter trends are tailored. What you might see as trending on twitter might not include all that is trending in the world or even in your location.

Twitter trending are basically resolute by an algorithm and are custom-made to an individual, based on what they like on Twitter, or who they follow on twitter, their location others things…, although there would still be some subjects which will appear in the trends list in spite of personalization.

There are algorithms of twitter that are responsible for hashtags trending. These algorithms determine what is Twitter trending by observing and preferring spikes over any gradual sustained growth. For any topic to trend would need a mixture of volume, the time taken to create that volume. So to put it simply, if a hashtag gains volume in one day it is measured as Twitter trending, but at the same time if the volume takes 30 days to collect, then it will be measured as news in general and not a spike.

If you want a hashtag created by you to trend, there are certain factors that can be skillful to add to the volume. Be creative with the name of the hashtag; keep it simple with one impartial, for example, if you want to create a Hashtag you need to drive one message.

Another thing is to ensure your tweet get more than five hundred tweets within the first 1 hour; a point to remember is that not only the number of tweets is very crucial, but it is equally vital on how many individuals are tweeting for same. However now if a totally dissimilar set of people on twitter start using your hash tags then there is a very high possibility that your tweet gets trending.

So basically there are many factors to accomplish to get your hashtag trending on Twitter. It is Twitter’s trending algorithm finally that finds topics that many individuals start tweeting at once. Like when there is noise about a specific launch. At the same time, if a lot of persons start tweeting about rain, it will never in the list of Twitter trending as it is a very common topic.

So Like explained before, hashtags start trending on Twitter if they haven’t been through the algorithm before, they might trend, then go off the network and later start trending again if a totally dissimilar set of people discover the topic and start tweeting about it. The Twitter trending might not appear more than 40 minutes at a time, however, the trends on Twitter are measured as such prime spots for the marketing teams in general that an endorsed space at the top runs.

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