Online Reputation Management

The smart business owners and the shrewdness operators of e-commerce stores know that the free traffic brought by search engines is value gold to a business. Investigation shows that ranking first on Google crops over 40 percent of all clicks to websites. Entry on the first page of a search, results in over 90 percent of all clicks. Now that is important in a digital budget! Also a Google search can produce a negative or positive impression about a brand dependent on what content and links perform in the search results. For a long time, Search Engine Optimization and Online Reputation Management have been looked upon as two similar services. Google lately has changed how it does its search. These inform to the search engine algorithms were titled “Panda” and the most recent changes were called “Penguin“.

So with these variations where does the future of both these facilities lie?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When SEO started, it was easy to do. There were definite success methods and methods such as the following shaped great results.

  •  Keyword density
  •  Meta tags
  •  Content

There were sites which went up instant by acquiring links from uncertain sources. Spamming an significant keyword on the page was a very likely affair.

The formation of low-quality, thin content was an easy option for a lot of people who were trying to gain success instant! This list can go on and on!

Google Wants Quality Content

Google’s Panda update was aimed at only if more relevant and excellence content to operators. This inform was rolled out in the USA in February 2011, with numerous revives and informs over the sequence of the next 16 months. Panda 3.8 was released in June 2012. While webmasters were static trying to come to terms with the Panda update.

  • Google recently rolled out the Penguin update.
  • Link schemes
  • Exact anchor text linking
  • Blog networks
  • Duplicate content etc

Also, since you work carefully with the brand, you develop the official channel of sorts, accountable for making content and syndication across means and platforms! The gratified creation includes having an thorough content plan in place and using numerous mediums counting videos, blogs, articles, etc.

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