What is customer engagement, really?

There are a wide range of measurements to quantify it, whether it be page views, time on site, or email open rates, but if we take away all the marketing mumbo jumbo, what is customer engagement and for what reason does it make a difference?

Customer engagement is the most grounded pointer of customers’ feelings about your brand. That’s right, we’re investing all this time and money into attempting to enhance something mushy gushy: feelings.

However really – feelings do matter. They’re one of the biggest factors in brand loyalty.

If people like your brand, they may return to purchase once more.

If people love your brand, they'll certainly pick you over contenders.

And if people can’t get enough of your brand, they’ll not only be dedicated to you but will spread the word to every one of their companions, as well.

So, in put it plainly, engagement is our technique of determining customer sentiment with a specific end goal to predict future loyalty.

Effective customer engagement strategies primarily consist of promotion and participation.

Here are our picks for the most effective customer engagement strategies that you ought to utilize.

1. Show Personality in Microcontent

The finest way to build continued customer engagement is through strong eCommerce labeling.

Strong branding makes customers want to engage on an sensitive level, which is the most long-lasting and robust connection customers can have with you.

2. Brace Requests with Prizes to Build a Positive Feedback Loop

People like to get something back.

Prizes and incentives like coupons or distinct offers can be combined with requests for reviews or other user-generated content to double the customer engagement impact.

3. Offer Customer Reviews on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

When you consider of engaging content, reviews may not be the main thing that strikes a chord.

Be that as it may, customer reviews are an effective method to re-engage current customers while likewise growing your eCommerce conversion rates from social and raising brand awareness.

4. Connect Customers Through Social Q&A

In the brick-and-mortar days, customers could ask both store workers and other buyers their views about a certain product before buying. That customer experience has been conserved in the digital age through social questions and answers.

Allow customers to ask questions and provide answers based on individual experience. This not only provides them with trustworthy, real-time responses, but it likewise nurtures their feeling of association to your brand.

5. Use the Scientific Method to Optimize Headlines

When making headlines for on-site content or subject lines for emails, it’s as vital to seize your customers’ attention as it is to deliver.

Your headlines shouldn’t just be wild speculations – they should be data-backed blockbusters.

6. Inspire Brand Advocates to Become Community Leaders

Your most engaged fans may follow your brand frequently on social media.

Although already engaged, these are the most significant customers to build relationships with. Done correctly, these brand admirers can become powerful brand advocates who can produce viral engagement through word-of-mouth advertising.

There are numerous customers who may not demnostrate their loyalty through recurring purchases but are great brand promoters whose word-of-mouth recommendations bring you new traffic backed by the trust of social proof.

7. Surprise Customers with Ultra-personalized Outreach

We all remember the delight we used to get when our most loved eatery or store sent us a coupon on our birthday.

Today’s technology permits digital marketing to yield this personalized engagement many stages further.

Individuals are constantly overwhelmed by content and customer marketing slogans. There are numerous approaches for standing out, however the most effective is simply to offer something astounding to customers, something that they don’t imagine.


There you have it – the best new customer engagement approaches to enable you get customers connected with your brand. If you have any more to add, we’d love to hear. Add your ideas in the comments below.

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