Digital Marketing includes a lot of work and can be awesome for someone who is not an expert. Growing traffic to a website is absolutely no easy task, mainly if you aim to rank highly on search engine’s organic search results. If your target is to increase traffic on website, pay per click or you can say PPC Campaign can work for you.

What is PPC?

PPC is a form of online marketing for search engines, such as Google, where you can display your ads for goods and services and pay when a visitor clicks on your ad.  It is also discussed to as keyword marketing as it includes users entering keywords for inquiries they type on search engines.

In a PPC Campaign, you can set aside a budget for Cost-Per-Click of your ad campaign, and pay how much you want Google to list your ads campaign so that they are on top of organic search listings on search engine.

How Does PPC campaign Work?

PPC campaign is crucial search auction. You can create your ads campaign and have them bid out on different phrases. The higher bid you will set for ads campaign, the better chances of making it to the top of organic search listings on the Search Engine Results Page. Once a user clicks on your ad, Google will charge for that click from your adwords account balance.

Also you need to know that Google Ads auction is an automated procedure that is used to determine whether the ads are valid and relevant. Apart from the maximum bid, a quality score is also used to determine your ranking influence, so it’s not just about who’s ready to pay the highest bidding price.

What are best practices for PPC

In order to make PPC campaign work for you and make the most out of your campaign, there are a number of points that you need to keep in mind while setting up a PPC Ad campaign.

Always set apart a budget and get stick to the budget, every business is different and a sensible budget for a PPC campaign depends on their target and business requirement. But typically, the cost allotted per click should be less than the total profit earned per click.

Always managed your PPC campaign on a daily basis because it needs constant monitoring, so it is vital to make it as effective and as manageable as possible. Small groups of keywords are ideal, and ad groups must be unified. Make sure that your ad text is related to the keywords present in your ad group.

Check your PPC settings. Google Adwords has a default setting which is set to display all ad campaigns into Google and other partner/network sites. This can be a bit overwhelming for any beginner, so you may wish to opt out of this setting if you’re new to PPC.

By default you need to set ad campaigns with relevant location with your business, which is especially useful if you’re a local merchant running a PPC Campaign and you want more targeted results from PPC campaign. If you wish to target a specific location for your PPC ads, make sure your campaign is set up properly by clicking into Settings.

How do you know that your PPC Campaign is working correctly and getting right clicks? By monitoring conversions of PPC Campaign to see whether it helps you reach targets. Aside from sale, any kind of useful outcome of a visitor’s visit to your website is a conversion, so you have to track them down too. If it does not amount to anything that is determinate and useful, then PPC advertising campaign may not be for you.

Running a Pay-Per-Click or PPC Campaign does not have to be complex if you know how it works and you understand the basics of it. When PPC ads executed properly, a PPC Campaign can help your business to achieve your targets and can increase your website traffic.

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