Traffic is a key measure to assess whether a blogger is successful in his/her online activity. The issues of traffic management and content have always been sort of annoyance for bloggers and SEO professionals. This article will shed some light SEO Blogging Tips to grow your traffic without compromising a fixed budget.

  1. Do guest blogging

Blogging on popular sites lets you improve website traffic and absolutely affect SEO. At the moment, there is a number of ways you can go about it.

  1. Analyze the activity of your competitors

Wondering how to drive traffic to your website? Analyzing what competitors are doing responsibility helps to improve your own content and get visitors to your website. This will optimize the website for standard keywords.

  1. Optimize mobile site version

Over the past few years, global traffic has been growing rapidly through mobile devices. Compared with similar data for 2012, in 2013, the share of mobile traffic more than doubled. All this destructively affects your traffic, and so, it is vital that you optimize the mobile version of your blog. It does pay off!

  1. Optimize site load time

Nobody usually thinks of this as a significant ranking factor, especially because most authors and bloggers are not into tech stuff. Though, you should always optimize the time of filling of your blog and make the site user-friendly for both processors and mobile devices.

  1. WordPress website SEO Plugin

There are numerous excellent plugins that will ease your suffering with SEO! These help you use the right approaches of working with SEO. Yoast is the most general WordPress plugin.

  1. Focus on long-tail keywords

To be more exact, it is just little longer tail-keywords that you are previously using. For example, instead of making a review post with a title “assignment service”, try to make a more extensive title like “pay somebody to do your assignment in Australia”. It is easy sufficient if you know your niche and target audience, which the case is also when you buy traffic.

  1. Publish always some unique and attractive Content

When making content, you should always deliver something useful or new to your booklovers. This will give you an advantage over contestants. We recommend you write single texts that are not “technically unique,” but those that add value to the reader.

  1. Make your content entertaining

Images speak well than a text! There are enough free images, so you should not have any reasons not to use them when making a blog post. In addition, illustrations, drawings, and infographics are a hundred times well than a long and boring description of something irrespective of how well it is written.

Follow these SEO Blogging Tips and increase more traffic to your website!

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