Everyone knows that Social media is more than just a fun way to engage and communicate with friends.  It can be very powerful business advertising tool if Social Media Marketing strategy planned.  A common mistake businesses make is failing to develop a recognized social media plan.  Having a plan for social media is just as imperative as it is any digital marketing plan.  A savvy business owner does not buy traditional advertising without developing a plan, and the same applies with social media.

Identify a social media marketing strategy manager

With the many tasks involved with running a positive business, social media can fall by the edge. Before your business embarks on a social media campaign, it is a good repetition to identify a person or multiple people who will be in charge of checking and posting content. It is important for the social media manager(s) to not only ensure content is posted on a regular basis, but also monitor and respond to all comments and feedback.  The assigned staff should be willing to monitor the company’s social pages 24/7, which can be easily accomplished through e-mail alerts and mobile apps.

Always create your brand pages

Once you have identified your manager for Social Media Marketing strategy, it’s time to create branded pages. First, control which social media sites you need to use.  Small businesses should consider Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at the very minimum.  In some cases, other sites with LinkedIn, Pinterest and Houzz may also be appropriate.

Create a Social Media Marketing strategy calendar

Now that your social sites are “live”, it is time to start evolving a planning calendar.  Ideally, this should be done on a monthly basis.  Your planning calendar may outline the following:

  • Number of posts per week
  • Time the post will be made
  • Identify content for each post (this will be discussed in depth in the next section

A Social Media Marketing strategy planning calendar lays the foundation and confirms you are maintaining your social sites and post on a regular basis.  Of course, you can also post other news, tips and ideas as they rise.  The biggest pitfall businesses run into are they usually have a lot of excitement when they first found their social media presence, but the impetus quickly fades.  Having a monthly planning calendar will help keep your social media efforts moving forward.

Post always fresh engaging content

Now that you have identified a manager, set up your pages, and developed a planning calendar with Social Media Marketing strategy, it is time to start making engaging content.  Once you generate content, you can plug it into the dates/times you have earmarked on your social media calendar to compose posts.  As you reflect content, think outside of your company and put physically in your customer’s shoes.  What type of info is not only engaging, but is something groups would like to share?

Response and Track your results

It is authoritative to monitor all comments and respond in a timely manner.  Good or bad, all feedback needs to be addressed.  If somebody praises your product and/or service, acknowledge them.  If they have a complaint or concern, reach out to them.

Use results to understand follower behaviour

With your new Social Media Marketing strategy what better way to gauge customer demand than to ask them yourselves?  Don’t be afraid to involve your followers and get their opinions.  Doing so can help identify both areas of strength and weakness.

With these Social Media Marketing strategy and many small businesses have meet their success.  If you approach it like any other form of advertising and develop a plan, it can become a very useful and effective tool which accompaniments your traditional marketing strategies.

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